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in addition to pull through September 28th, compared with the same period last year, the Latvia retail sales in August to achieve 24.8% growth. Compared with July, retail sales grew by 1.3%. retail is the fastest growing furniture, lamps, household appliances, Home Furnishing supplies, radio, TV, building materials, paint, glass products, an increase of 54.4%, textile and apparel, shoes and leather products, medicines, cosmetics, growth of 47.7%, an increase of 26.6% Jiece supplies. franchised store sales grew by 22.6%, and second-hand store sales grew by 22.3%. Grocery, beverage and cigarette grocery sales grew 12.1%, while non food grocery sales grew by 6.4%. Outdoor stalls retail growth of 4.5%, food and beverage retail store sales growth of 3.3%. Sales of automobiles, motorcycles and spare parts increased by 33.6% over the same period of last year. In fact, the car grew by 43.9%. Car oil sales increased by 7.4%. Food and beverage industry grew 4% over the same period last year. 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S. dollars. this year, the Rio Olympic Games is coming to an end, Nike as the next 2020 Tokyo Olympic team official sponsor, has begun to work, to the KOL Joe La Puma Complex sent a new "invitation" - Nike Flyknit Racer blue, the tongue in Japanese "Naiki" of the word, full performance Japan's shoe culture, it is more looking forward to the next Olympic Games don't Nike series. Adidas Originals x Bread & Butter Berlin Decade Hi shoes [shoes - shoes], watch the famous sports brand Adidas's regional Adidas Originals launch of the new Decade Hi, and the cooperati buy cheap jordans online on of the backing is not small, is the famous Bread & Berlin Butter trade show. This week, Berlin is destined to become synonymous with fashion. since the 2001, Bread & Butter has decided to select the most innovative brand in their business, with their unique and innovative style, fresh and creative in the exhibition, to the world and the special brand. 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Air; Jordan jordans on sale mens 3 " Sport Blue" No.: 136064-007 release date: August 16, 2014 sale price: $170 1 September 27th afternoon, Wenzhou zhengdeli shoe boss Shen from downtown Wenzhou Shunjin building 22 floor, jumped to his death, and his death is related to usury crisis. The executive chairman Xie Rongfang of Wenzhou shoe industry association said, Shen is by private capital of bank loans, bank lending in the hope to continue after the loan, the bank did not agree, while jumping under pressure. The company is currently the bank loans of nearly 100 million yuan. "We went to Wenzhou investigation yesterday, far more than the media reports also seriously. Jump jump you know, you know? Burst out is in the local well-known enterprises, and even can be said to be the leading enterprises. But before many smaller businesses have been struggling for a long time." Zhejiang Zheshang Capital Investment Promotion Association vice president and Secretary General Cai Hua said. In Cai Hua's view, the Wenzhou private enterprise groups are experiencing winter. "Only to see jordans on sale online who is more by freezing, finally not frozen to death." Cai Hua sighed, "doesn't just happen in the shoe. In my opinion, all the excess capacity, low profit rate and capital requirements of the enterprise will be more or less involved in the storm." Wenzhou shoe shoe exports China winter has accounted for 65% of the total world exports, export markets include Europe, Russia and Japan etc.. Wenzhou and Jinjiang are called "Chinese shoes". However, this kind of low cost, low price in Wenzhou was rejected by the EU market model. The EU believes that Chinese shoes in dumping, will start in 2006 exports of leather shoes levy of up to 16.5% of high anti-dumping duties. Until April 1st of this year since it was formally canceled on China leather shoes 16.5% levy high anti-dumping duties. But already in the second round of financial crisis of small and medium-sized enterprises in Wenzhou has been fast does not survive. From 2006 to the end of 2010, due to the implementation of anti-dumping duties, China shoes for export to Europe sales fell 20%, th air jordan 11 space jam for sale e direct loss of 20000 jobs. While orders fell, while the cost of upgrading, Wenzhou shoe enterprises it pours. Wenzhou TAIMA Shoes Co. Ltd., (profit) between 2%-5%. This year, labor costs rose by at least 20% of the two major shoe, leather, rubber raw materials also rose 20%. "The government is supporting industrial entities, but not difficult for support? Not because of death to support?" Cai Hua said. In its view, private enterprises have entered a vicious circle. Industry losses, enterprises need loans; bank loan will find private capital into the industry on hand; usury of money is too slow, it may be a part of put into production, the other part take money. However, this mode of operation, has brought endless worries for the development of enterprises. "Now the formal channels of loans to the bank loan of ten million is very difficult, need to deposit 5 million. These small and medium-sized enterprises do business if not the money and how to loan? While the high profit and has been in the temptation, the industrial foundation is too Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale unprofitable. Who can escape the temptation of profit?" Cai Hua said. Zhengdeli shoe bosses jumping, Jubang shoes boss "run away", or because cannot escape this vicious circle and the extreme. The industrial structure of small and medium-sized private enterprises in Wenzhou as the representative of all the time) Wenzhou customs statistics show that our city in January exported shoes and boots 540 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 8.5%, in January overall decline in foreign trade situation, to become a dark horse exports. This reporter has learned that many shoes enterprises in February orders in the Spring Festival before the centralized shipment, and ASEAN, Russia and other emerging market orders growth, footwear exports are the main reason for contrarian growth. according to Wenzhou customs statistics, in January this year, Wenzhou City import and export value 12 billion 710 million yuan, net of exchange rates (below) fell by 1.3%, of which exports 11 billion 120 million yuan, down 3.9%, imports 1 billion 590 million yuan, up 21.9%. Yongjia is the concentration place of shoe enterprises in Wenzhou. In January, Yongjia county's footwear exports amounted to US $17 million 640 thousand, an increase of 31.2%. The main reason is the part of the enterprise to catch shipment orders in February before the Spring Festival, and part of the national economic recovery led to growth in orders. , "January shipments of shoes, South America grew faster, and this year's foreign trade situation is still relatively optimistic."." Zhejiang Asian (franchised stores) shoes industry Co., Ltd. Xu Guanghui told reporters, in the second half of last year, orders grew faster, the end of the year to catch the goods before the Spring Festival concentrated shipment. at the same time, many shoes enterprises in the foreign trade adversity in the exercise of internal strength, product development, design, quality management and other aspects of continuous improvement, product grades have improved, to bring their own many orders. Ouhai (franchised stores) home shoes enterprises last year spent heavily invited Italy designers to help out, the development of products designed by new and old customers unanimously favored, driven by orders for growth of more than 30%. In the case of the decline in the trade volume of the European Union and Asia in our city, has shown a better growth momentum for ASEAN and russia. According to Wenzhou customs data show that the city's trade volume of ASEAN 160 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 25.4%; trade volume for Russia was 170 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 12.3%. according to the shoe industry association relevant source, January shoe exports increased, but one month's data can not see the export situation is good or bad, because the holiday factors, 1, import and export in February there will always be some fluctuation. On the contrary, due to the current market demand in foreign countries has not seen significant improvement, the situation for the whole year can not be blindly optimistic. (editor in chief: Asian shoes industry) Adidas Crazy 8, with a strong return, it has been introduced new colors, the eyes of this pair of suspected GS size of the new version, with a new color rendering. With black as the main color, Pink Trim, large outline and lining, with a bright yellow, the new color is bright. It is reported that the paragraph will be listed in the near future. Nike in NBA or basketball shoes on the field, let them have a distant sense of accomplishment, in order to break the deadlock, Adidas has been in innovation, ZX series win and acclaimed like Adidas to find the best starting point, the incoming new shoes are emerging market, here to take you to take a look at 2011 in the summer of Adidas for new shoes. The Adidas Oregon 10 was first released in 1982. 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